Temporomandibular Jaw Disorders

What are some of the signs and symptoms of TMJ?
– Pain in or around your ear, tender jaw muscles, clicking or popping noises in your jaw, difficulty opening or closing your mouth, pain when you yawn or chew, jaw joints that feel as if they are “locked” or “stuck”, and headaches.

What are some of the causes of TMJ?
– Injuries to your jaw or head, diseases of the muscles or joints, such as arthritis, bite problems, and stress.

To determine how best to treat your condition, we recommend a thorough evaluation including checking the joints and muscles for tenderness, clicking, popping, or difficulty opening/closing the jaw. Treatments may include exercises to strengthen your jaw muscles, prescribed muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory medications.  In many cases, it may be necessary to fabricate a custom made appliance such as a nightguard or NTi appliance to help decrease clenching or grinding and provide protection for your teeth from excessive wear.

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