Oral Cancer Screening

In America, oral cancer kills more people each year than skin and cervical cancer combined. Oral cancer prevention gives you one more reason to stop avoiding the dentist! Your regular dental checkups every six months can help us catch oral cancer even before you do. If you have one or more of the risk factors for oral cancer, inform us and ask for an oral cancer screening.

At our Hamden dental practice, we perform oral cancer screenings utilizing visual inspection and manual palpation.We also use the award-winning VELscope, which uses natural tissue fluorescence to improve the way practitioners examine the oral mucosa and screen for tissue abnormalities by enhancing the visualization of pre-cancers, cancer, and other disease processes.  An oral cancer screening examination will allow our Dentists and Hygienists to accurately assess your overall oral health. Learn more about VELscope at velscope.com.

Remember, 90% of oral cancer has spread before it’s detected, so don’t be afraid to mention your concerns to us. Though there is no available data on oral cancer screenings saving lives, awareness is important.

You can also perform self-exams at home, though they are never a substitute for a professional medical opinion. Use a light to examine for patches on the gums and roof and sides of the mouth. Don’t forget to use clean hands to check under the tongue.

If you have a suspicious lump, sore spot, or patch for more than two weeks, call us to book a dental appointment.

To ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible, request an oral cancer exam during your next visit to Family & Esthetic Dentistry of Hamden.

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