Teeth Whitening

In office or at home…the choice is yours. Some of the most common factors causing tooth discoloration are: the consumption of staining foods and drinks (i.e.-berries, coffee, tea, soda, and red wine), smoking, age, genetics, medications and tooth trauma. Today there are a wide variety of products and procedures available to help improve the color of your teeth. Only dental professionals have access to the most effective whitening products. We offer multiple options for achieving a brighter, whiter smile. One option is a custom take-home whitening kit. This includes custom-made bleach trays and whitening gel applied by the patient in the comfort of their own home. A second option is the professionally applied Zoom!® Tooth Whitening in-office procedure. Everyone loves a bright, white smile and we would love to customize a whitening treatment for you so you can whiten your way.