Sports Dentistry

Studies show that more than 1/3 of all injuries to children from ages 5-17 occur during sports.  In many sports, high-speed collisions with a ball, stick, or opponent are an unavoidable part of the game. Unfortunately, many of these collisions can result in lacerations as well as fractured, loosened or lost teeth. Mouthguards have been shown to be extremely effective in reducing or eliminating these painful and costly injuries. A proper mouthguard, fabricated and fitted by a dentist, will offer athletes the best combination of comfort and protection.

Unfortunately, the word "mouthguard" is universal and generic, and includes a large range and variety of products, from "over the counter" models bought at the sporting goods stores to professionally manufactured and dentist prescribed custom made mouthguards. The custom made mouthguards designed by a dentist are the most satisfactory of all types of mouth protectors. They fulfill all the criteria for adaptation, retention, comfort, and stability of material. They interfere the least with speaking and studies have shown that the custom made mouthguards have virtually no effect on breathing.

Drs. Charney and Fratarcangeli are avid supporters of athletes wearing custom made mouthguards and have made it a personal mission to educate young athletes in our community on its importance. They are both members of the Academy of Sports Dentistry and provide dental services for Quinnipiac University’s Athletic Programs. You will often see our office at local community events and at Quinnipiac Basketball and Hockey games promoting our mouthguard services.